Palletizing & Packaging Design Software


Reduce packaging, transportation and storage cost by 5~20% by using CubeDesigner.


Palletizing and Packaging Design Software for Shipcase Design, Product Arrangement, Palletization, Pallet Pattern Configuration and Truck Loading.

CubeDesigner is a packaging design software developed to support the packaging professionals in creating optimal package designs and pallet patterns. With CubeDesigner, you can easily determine the optimized shipcase size, arrangement, pallet configuration, and truck loading.

CubeDesigner is offered at different levels to meet the needs of different users. CubeDesigner for Windows works on Windows XP, Vista, Server, 7, 8 32/64 bits. You can access CubeDesigner Online anywhere, anytime with any web browsers.
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CubeDesigner is palletization or pallet software provides package design, pallet layout and compression analysis tools to build optimized pallet patterns.


With CubeDesigner, packaging engineers can oversee all steps of the packaging design from idea to final presentation, with a result of adding to the bottom line of the organization. You can improve the bottom line by reducing packaging, transportation and storage cost by 5~20%.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduce transportation costs by optimizing the shipcase size and pallet configuration to ship most products per truck or container.
  • Determine optimal package design and sizing to ­t more products into a shipping case.
  • Optimize shipping case sizes for less corrugated usage.
  • Optimize pallet patterns to allow more products to be stacked and improve load stability.
  • Reduce transportation costs with optimized cargo loads.
  • Calculate stacking strength.
  • Improve productivity by decreasing the time and errors in the packaging and loading process.
  • Improve communication among all functional groups.
  • Graphic reports show how to package and load products.
  • Advanced 3D graphics to show products as packaged and shipped.
  • Publish your package design to online and share it with other teams.