Palletizing & Packaging Design Software

Create Shipcase and Shipper Design

Don’t know the size of the shipcase to fit around your product? CubeDesigner can calculate it and perform shipcase design for you. You can define how many of your primary packages to be placed inside your master shipcase or use a range of them for the best yield of efficiency.


You can even define the maximum amount of items to load around the length, width, or height of the shipcase. In addition to shipcase design and optimization, the database feature can also make the best use of your existing shipcases. Just define the length, width and height of your carton, CubeDesigner will give you a list of shipcases that work best for your carton.

In Shipcase and Shipper Design, CubeDesigner helps you to:


  • Decide on a new shipcase size based on dimension and quantity of products.
  • Determine the best arrangement and quantity of products inside an existing shipcase.
  • Find the optimal shipcase to use among existing stock cartons using the database.


Determine New Packaging Design and Shipcase Size


CubeDesigner helps determine the shipcase size to fit around your products. Enter the specific quantity or a range of primary packages to be placed inside the shipcase and CubeDesigner will offer different solutions with respect to efficiency. You can also specify the maximum quantity of packages to pack along each dimension of the shipcase as well as additional slack values to the shipcase for more space around the products.

Find the Optimal Quantity and Product Arrangement for an Existing Shipcase


By entering a range of quantity to be placed inside the shipcase, CubeDesigner can quickly evaluate the best quantity to use in order to find the optimal piece count and arrangement for a new product. To use an existing fixed size shipcase to house new products, use a quantity range so CubeDesigner can decide the different ways to package your product.

Consolidate Existing Shipcases or Shipping Cartons

The shipcase database function allows you to look into an existing shipcase inventory and evaluate the best way to pack products using existing shipcases. This helps companies to keep costs down by stocking fewer shipcases in their inventory.

Available Options

  • Use new, existing cartons or select from a list of stock cartons.
  • Specify quantity, arrangement patterns, bulge tolerance and inside slacks.
  • Carton types – Cube, HSC, RSC, RSC Closed, Reverse Tuck, Tray, Half Tray, etc.
  • Sizing options – area efficiency, size ratio, volume, weight by range.
  • Stack orientations.