Palletizing & Packaging Design Software


CubeDesigner creates versatile reports including Packaging Specifications, Pallet Configuration and Comparison Reports.


CubeDesigner presents all graphics in 3D color-coded format so users can easily visualize the pallet configuration, packaging design and their various load plans. For sharing them with colleagues and customers, you can export the reports to PDF, Excel and XML formats. If your customer speaks a different language, change the software interface to one of the many foreign languages supported.

What You See Is What You Get

Create reports in various layouts and include different contents. Once the “What you see is what you get” reports are generated, you can add product picture, company logos and specific product information. You can also send them to printers, to other recipients via emails, put them on the company network drive to share with others, export them directly as PDF, or send to MS Word, Excel, and other formats as XML or ASCII.

  • Realistic 3D views of primary pack, shipper, unitload and vehicle.
  • Statistics for unitloads and vehicle loads.
  • Save reports in Excel, XML, JPG, PDF, ASCII formats and more.
  • Send reports via e-mail or share over the Internet.

Distribute the Reports over the Worlds

Just send the packaging specification to your manager by email to allow him/her to review it. The manager can determine rejection or acceptance of the packaging specification within his/her software. Or then publish it on the CubeDesigner Online to share packaging information with the distributed team members. They can see the designs, instruction and diagram over Internet anytime, anywhere and any web browser with connecting from any devices – PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone.