Load Plan & Optimization Software


Use 5 ~ 20% fewer truck or container loads by using CubeMaster!


Load Plan and Optimization Software for Truck, Sea Container, Pallet, Carton and Air Container.

CubeMaster is a cargo load planning, optimization, diagramming and distribution software. It calculates the “how to” load the trucks, containers, pallets, rail cars, boxes and ULDs with single and mixed size products.
With over 3,000 installations globally, CubeMaster has proved to be the world’s best cargo planning, optimization and diagramming software. It is used throughout a wide array of industries involved in supply chain, logistics, food and beverage, home and office furnishing, retailing, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive and more. [Learn More]

CubeMaster is offered at different levels to meet the needs of different users. CubeMaster for Windows works on Windows XP, Vista, Server, 7, 8 32/64 bits. You can access CubeMaster Online anywhere, anytime with any web browsers. The special mobile pages based on HTML 5 are available for your connecting with any mobile devices. Several web services and cloud access are great options for bringing out the load planning out of your office walls. [Learn More]



CubeMaster is used to:

  • Optimize filling space and increase space utilization.
  • Cut freight and fuel costs.
  • Take the guess work out of load planning by having exact calculations prior to each shipment and minimize labor errors.
  • Cut loading and unloading time with step-by-step load instructions and diagrams.
  • Prepare optimal plan for multi-stops and priority loading.
  • Use extensive stacking rules and confi¬gurations to minimize damage during transit.
  • Enhance communication among departments and with customers by sharing centrally stored shipment data.


CubeMaster provides proven software solutions to optimize loading patterns, improve utilization, reduce the use of transit vehicles and cut freight costs. CubeMaster uses intelligent loading algorithms and extensive stacking rules to optimize loads.

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It will place cargoes in the transit vehicles after taking into consideration the following questions:

  • Should cargoes be placed on floor?
  • Should cargoes be placed per order or stop off?
  • Should cargoes be placed in a de¬fined ratio?
  • Should there be a maximum allowable layers or supporting weight?
  • Should cargoes be floor loaded or in unitloads?
  • Should cargoes have certain pattern when placed in unitloads?
  • Should loose cargoes be placed on a mixed pallet?
  • Should cargoes be stacked on another for stability and to minimize damage?

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Easy Data Management and Imports

CubeMaster database in MS Access or SQL Server is provided so they will be available for you to load into trucks, containers, pallets, totes and ULDs. The names, descriptions, dimensions, stacking requirements, loading orientation and placement, palletization preference and more are defined at the Cargo Database. The ISO standard data are created in the trucks, containers and pallets database at the time of the installation of CubeMaster program.

The easiest way for bring in your existing data in an Excel file is using the copy-and-paste. For bring in the existing data in Excel or CSV files more seamlessly, use the Excel/CSV Import Wizard. For the orders from your ERP, WMS, TMS or ordering systems, use the External DBMS Import Wizard and XML Import Wizard. [Learn More]


Integrated User Interface

CubeMaster provides the great looking user interface to manage complex order & load plan. The icon and shortcut bar allow your quick access to the frequently used menus. Document management with the Today window helps easy access to the recent calculations saved on your database. Fully integrated load setup window enables an easy and fast definition of Container, Truck, Pallet, Carton and ULD load calculations with a few clicks.
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SDK for Developers

Are you looking for a solution for adding the load optimization engine into your application? Please utilize a new technology CubeMaster Load Calculation Web Service and Windows DLL. CubeMaster CWS (Calculation Web Service) allows your application written by ASP, APS.NET, Java, PHP and SAP to call remotely the APIs served by the CubeMaster online server ( The CubeMaster Windows DLL is a set of highly sophisticated ActiveX components to enable the back-end calculation and visualization of the load optimization in your Windows application. [Learn More]