Load Plan & Optimization Software

Data Interface

Built-in Database

Define your cargoes data in the CubeMaster’s database so they will be available for you to load into trucks, containers, pallets, totes and ULDs. The names, descriptions, dimensions, stacking requirements, loading orientation and placement, palletization preference and more are defined at the Cargo Properties window. Just pressing the Save button stored all the changes to the Cargoes Database.


The ISO standard data are created in the trucks, containers and pallets database at the time of the installation of CubeMaster program. Not only they are modified with the Vehicle Properties and Pallet Properties window but also new sizes are added with that windows to the trucks, containers and pallets database.


Some sample data are contained in the cartons and air containers database. With pressing Edit button, all the information of carton or air containers are modified with the Carton Properties and ULD Properties window. It allows you to see the 3D graphics of the size you are editing.



Data Import with Copy and Paste

The easiest way for bring in your existing data in an Excel file is using the copy-and-paste. Open your Excel sheet and make the block on the cells you want to import to CubeMaster load.


Copy the block to your clipboard and paste them to the cargo list after returning to CubeMaster. That opens the Clipboard Preview to show the contents of the clipboard before the final importing.