CubeMaster Enterprise edition calculates the loading of pallet, shipcase, truck, trailer, sea containers and air containers/pallets.


The following features are exclusive in addition to all features of CubeMaster Professional edition.


  • Importing the External Database such as MS SQL, ORACLE and DB2 with the External DBMS Import Wizard to CubeMaster database.
  • The Option Palletizing before Loading Vehicles. Once it is turned on, the cargoes are placed on a pallet and a unit load is built before loading the transit vehicles.

  • Extensive Container Types such as flat rack, open top, rail car, drop-off (goose neck) and center beam.

  • Calculation of Air Container & Pallet Loading - with single and mixed items. The size and shape of new air container and pallet is defined by user with air container shape editor.

  • Export to PDF & Excel Sheet – Save the load plans to the PDF report and Excel sheets.

CubeMaster Enterprise Edition Network License


    A package inclduing a UBS dongle is shipped via FedEx, USPS or UPS. All software is downloaded.


    Network license provides two programs which are downloaded from the website. A server and client program. The server program is installed on a server computer. The client program is installed on the users' computer. All computers should be connected each other within a local area network.

    A dongle key should be attached to the server computer for the server program to run. Each client program would need a digital key that is verified by the server program before being activated.

    One digital key is shared by max 3 computers.