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Driven by Success

Logen Solutions was founded in 2002 (parent company in 1995) with the main objective of improving the logistics optimization and design solutions which has its deep root in research at a university in the last 30 years.

Logen Solutions has the technical expertise, and the practical know-how emerges as the industry leader. To have a competitive edge in a world of constant change is to forecast the change and respond as quickly as possible.

Logen Solutions is the best choice for those companies that aim to make a success out of the challenges and opportunities that are created by change.

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Our goal is to provide the most robust logistics intelligence that applies our practical knowledge, years of experience in the business, and our academic engineering and technology savvy - in order to ensure the success of our customers and partners. 


Our mission is to support our clients in streamlining their workflow while simultaneously driving down costs in the supply chain, especially in the logistics. Logen Solutions understands the part technology plays to achieve these goals and has reinvested heavily in research and development to deliver state of the art software to achieve these goals.

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