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  • What are the differences between CubeMaster Online and CubeMaster for Windows?
    Two software use the same core engine but they are working differently. CubeMaster for Windows is a Windows application that is installed on a PC or laptop computer. The information and data are stored on the same computer or over the network drive. So they will rarely be shared with the other users. CubeMaster Online does not install any programs on a computer. Most web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge will work with CubeMaster Online. The data is stored on the cloud server that gives access to not only the other users in the same company but also the people in other locations. So sharing the data is an advantage of CubeMaster Online rather than CubeMaster for Windows. Your computers need an Internet connection to use the service which is a disadvantage. CubeMaster for Windows gives your multiple choices of the different license types and payment plans. Please visit here to learn more about the licenses and prices. CubeMaster Online is the only choice for working with your Mac. There are several payment plans available here.
  • Is the connection to the software done with the same login/password for all users? Or does each user have a different access code?
    One user will have a login (email and password). So 4 logins will be provided to a pckage "2 all features users + 2 viewers only users". Two logins for '2 all features users' will have the full permissions without limits. They will be allowed to change the data and build a new load. The other two logins for '2 viewers only users' will not be allowed to change the data and build a new load. They will be allowed only to see the results the other users created.
  • Can a user license be used on several PCs? Or is the user license attached to an IP address?
    A user license is used on any computers with the connection of Internet.
  • Does a special package "2 all features users + 2 viewers only users" at the price of 169 per month include the options corresponding to the "collaboration" subscription ?"
  • Is it possible to increase the number of users in the same subscription, without any particular modifications ? (e.g. from 2 to 3 users in the "collaboration" subscription) Are there any application fees for this ?"
    Yes you can add more users with payment of the additional cost. E.g. you may pay 89/mo for 1 more new user that is going to be added to your existing subscription. All users are going to work under the same company name.
  • Is it possible to migrate to another subscription at any time (e.g. from a "Collaboration" subscription to a "Database Web Service" subscription) ? Are there any application fees for this ?"
    Yes you can upgrade your subscription anytime but please note the downgrde is not possible.
  • Is the software compatible with all Windows versions? Is it possible to use the software on a Windows 10 PC and on another Windows 7 PC?
    Yes our software works in all Windows version. CubeMaster Online is compatible with all kind of web browsers except IE.
  • How is the software integrated into our PCs?
    We recommend the CubeMaster API for seamless integration. Please visit here to learn more about the solutions. You will be able to see and try many samples of the different projects such as C# and Javascript.
  • Is it possible to make a link between the online version of CubeMaster and the ERP? Or this link is made exclusively by CubeMaster for Windows?
    CubeMaster API enables the seamless integration between your ERP and CubeMaster Online.
  • What is the difference between the differernt user's roles - Supervisor, Normal and Viewer in regard to functionality?"
    The Supervisor and Normal users have all permissions. And the Normal users are not allowed to change the database. The Viewers are limited only to see the results created and shared by the other users.
  • The limits of the Collaboration service say the number of cargo sizes per shipment is 400. Does it mean a container/truck/pallet cannot be loaded with more than 400 items/boxes/cases? Or is it the max number of different items/boxes/cases?​
    It is the max # of different cargo types in a shipment. So you can not add more than 400 lines of cargoes in the [Step 2: Cargoes] screen of the shipment as shown below.​
  • What is the difference between Floating and Network licenses?
    You will get a dongle for one floating license by the postal delivery. The Floating license works on a PC or laptop computer where a dongle key is attached. Every single computer needs a dongle key to open the software. If you need more flexible and convenient solutions than the floating license, please consider the Network license. It is shared by number of users or computers connected in the local area network, terminal session or virtual desktop. It also provides the features to control the access level of users and monitor the connections of the licenses.
  • How does the floating license work?
    The software is installed on any computers but it works on a computer where a dongle key is attached. One dongle key is allowed to be switched between max 3 computers.
  • How does the network license work?
    The Network license needs a server program in addition to the client program. The server program is installed on a server computer. The client program is installed on the users' computers. All computers should be connected to each other within a local area network (or it is working in a VPN). The client program will ask you for a license key for the first time while it is running. One license key is 16 digits long characters which is provided by your suppliers. The license key is verified by the server program. The license works on a computer where a digital license key was verified by the server program. One license is not allowed to be accessed at the same time but it is allowed to be shared by max 3 computers at the different time. You may need as many as your users if they want to use the software at the same time.
  • How does the monthly subscription license work?
    Once the first payment is made by a credit card, the software is downloaded and activated by an email. The billing is made every month and the payment is charged automatically by the credit card saved. The cancelation is made anytime you want. The license is not allowed to be accessed by the different computers at the same time.
  • How does the 2-year lifetime work?
    Once the purchase of the license is made by a credit card, the software is downloaded and activated by an email. The billing is made onetime. The license is working 2 years on the computer where it was installed in the first place. It is not allowed to move to a different computer.
  • What is the system requirements for running CubeMaster software?
    To install and run CubeMaster software, your system needs to meet the following requirements. Platform: Windows 2000, NT, XP, 7, 8, 10, 11 (32/64 bits compatible). Network: Any network is compatible. Processor Required: 2 GHz or higher recommended. Hard Disk Space Required: 100 GB or higher recommended. RAM Required: 32 MB or higher recommended. Video Required: 1024 x 768 or higher recommended. CubeMaster software uses 32-bit code. For import/export of data, CubeMaster uses MS Excel for exporting/importing, ASCII comma delimited text files compatible with most document management systems, spreadsheets, databases and mainframes, including Excel, Access, Paradox, AS400 and UNIX platforms.
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