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CubeMaster Online is a cloud application that allows you to build optimal load plans for carton, pallet, and vehicles with teams and your customers who work together in distributed areas.

CubeMaster Online

CubeMaster Online is implemented on the Internet and allows you to plan, create, edit and communicate multi-product load plans anytime, anywhere, on any platform with using any Internet browser.


Just save your load plan to share it! CubeMaster Online will generate HTML reports of the plan and show it inside of your Internet browser automatically.

Most Web Browsers Supported

CubeMaster Online works with  Chrome, ForeFox, Safari, and Edge

13,000 Subscribers


CubeMaster Online is being used  by world-wide users in a daily mission-critical job

Cloud API for 

integration with your app

Perfect solutions to integrate CubeMaster Online to your application - ERP, WMS & SAP

On-Premises Model


Put CubeMaster Online to your servers and make every data secure and private




CubeMaster Online accepts a monthly and yearly subscription. Cancellation anytime.


CubeMaster Online speaks in a different language - English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese.


unit of Measures

Switch between Metric (mm+kg),  High Metric (cm+kg), English (inch+lb) on the fly.

multiple exporting & Sharing

Save your results to Excel sheet, PDF, HTML, XML, and database. All the reports are shared by a link with your people.


Truck and Trailer Loading

Finds the best combination of multiple vehicle types to maximize the space utilizations of the vehicles to load mixed cargoes with different sizes and quantities.


Sea Container Loading

Optimizes cargo plan with multiple different sizes and quantities or finds the max number of cartons or pallets per single container.


Pallet Load and Pattern Optimization

Perfect for creating multiple product load plans for pre-packing unitload. Also calculates single full pallet or mixed pallet loads. Multiple pallet types are calculated for both loads. These pallet loads can then be used in building container loads.


Air Cargo Load Plan

Calculates the best use of multiple air pallets and containers including LD and ULD type. It also be used to calculate the cost of the load with pivot factor while maximizing the space utilization of an air craft.


Palletizing before Truck and Container Loading

Automatically converts case quantities to full pallet and mixed pallet loads before final container loading.


Carton Load Optimization for Order Picking

Finds the best boxes and shipcases from the standard sizes to fulfill the picking orders with different items sizes and quantities. Multiple carton types are considered. It also determines optimal load diagramming and picking list.

Mix Load

Finds optimal number of vehicles to load all orders of different size cartons or pallets. It also considers a unitization of the cargoes before vehicle loading.

Unit Load

Calculates full load of shipcase, pallet, truck and sea container filled with single size cargoes. There is no need to provide the quantities of cargoes because they are calculated by CubeMaster. It also considers multiple pattern types in the full loads. The pallet unitload can be used as a cargo to be placed into a vehicle.

Set Load

Calculates the number of complete products to maximize the space utilization of the container when the product is consisting of several cargoes and the number of those cargoes should be kept in relational ratio.


Extensive Vehicle Types

Select from a variety of trailers, sea container including Open Top, Goose-Neck, Center-Beam, Railcar and Flat Rack special equipment.


User De­finable ULD

The air container and air pallet can be modified and customized for your special size and shape in addition to standard database.


Multiple Cargo Types 

Shipcase, roll, full single pallet load and mixed pallet load are placed in the trucks and sea containers.


Built-in Database

The ISO standard data are created in the trucks, containers and pallets database at the time of the installation of CubeMaster program. Not only they are modified with the Vehicle Properties and Pallet Properties window but also new sizes are added with that windows to the trucks, containers and pallets database.


Excel/CSV Import Wizard

For bring in the existing data in Excel or CSV files more seamlessly, use the Excel/CSV Import Wizard. 
It allows CubeMaster to easily and accurately import cargo names, descriptions, dimensions, stacking requirements, loading orientation and placement, palletization preference and more from your Excel or CSV files. 


External DBMS Import Wizard

For bring in the orders from your ERP, WMS, TMS or ordering systems, use the External DBMS Import Wizard. 
It enables CubeMaster to access the external database such as MS SQL, ORACLE or DB2 and import the orders easily and accurately including the cargo names, order quantities, descriptions, dimensions, stacking requirements, loading orientation and placement, palletization preference and more. 

CubeMaster Online Demos

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