Load Plan & Optimization Software

Load Plan and Optimization Software for Truck, Sea Container, Pallet, Carton and Air Container.

Use 5 ~ 20% fewer truck or container loads by using CubeMaster!

  • Load optimizations for truck, sea container, pallet, carton and air container
  • Multiple load calculations (mix, single, set, multiple set load)
  • Automatic palletizing before vehicle loading
  • Multiple stops rule (keep same stops together)
  • Various load rules including loading sequence & stacking
  • Great looking interface
  • Simple 2 steps to build a load
  • Document management to archive the load plan
  • 3D click, drag and drop editor to visualize load plans
  • 3D color-coded graphical display

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We are a Microsoft Registered Partner specializing in small business solutions.

Palletizing & Packaging Design Software

Palletizing and Packaging Design Software for Shipcase Design, Product Arrangement, Palletization, Pallet Pattern Configuration and Truck Loading.

Reduce packaging, transportation and storage cost by 5~20% by using CubeDesigner.

  • Optimization of case (carton, box & tray) size & arrangement
  • Calculation of pallet pattern and configuration
  • Design of unitloads with packaging materials
  • Calculation of truck loading
  • All packaging sequences supported
  • Various sizing options (new, fixed & database)
  • Outlook style user interface
  • Tab system to design and calculate easily
  • Document management to archive the designs
  • Workflow management (approve and reject a design)
  • 3D color-coded graphical display
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get reports

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Our software is compatible with
Every Windows 32 and 64 bits.


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